Premium Foods Limited


  • Founded Since 1850

Company Description

Premium Foods Limited (PFL) is a limited liability food processing company established in 1999 with two factories at Jachie and Kwaso have a combined operating capacity of 133,440 metric tonnes annually to blend maize, soya and millet (96,000 metric tonnes at Kwaso) and (37,440 metric tonnes at Jachie) one of the few with such capabilities in the West African Sub region.

We grow some of our own crops – maize but we mainly buy crops from an extended network of farmers, the majority of whom are smallholders in emerging markets. We don’t just buy, we help as many farmers as we can to increase their yields without impacting on the environment. We then process many of the crops we grow, and buy, from maize to soya to sorghum. We operate in the food ingredient space and create specific blends and recipes for customers.