The DCG Group


  • Founded Since 1850

Company Description

About The DCG Group

We are Ghana’s leading Management Consulting, Personal Growth and Professional Development firm. We deliver coaching, training and facilitation for corporate professionals, business leaders and teams so they can increase their revenue.

We help corporate professionals (from C suite to entry level) and business owners (SME Leaders, entrepreneurs and freelancers) to develop, build or elevate their culture, communication and human (soft) skills so they can become High performing leaders, promoters and educators of their brand/products to grow their profitability and minimize cost.

We customize our coaching, training and facilitation to meet the needs of the client to ensure certainty in results requested.


Our vision is to be known and acknowledged as the go-to personal growth and
professional development organization in Ghana and beyond. We strive to be
recognized for our exceptional coaching and training programs, as well as our
unwavering commitment to helping individuals and businesses reach their full