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  • Founded Since 1850

Company Description

Mansour Group is a multinational conglomerate founded in Egypt, with operations across the globe. The company is the second-largest company in Egypt by revenue. It is the largest General Motors dealer in the world and the fifth-largest distributor of Caterpillar Inc. products globally. It also has contracts in Egypt to represent a range of international brands, including McDonald’s, Chevrolet, Red Bull, UPS and Imperial Brands. It operates Egypt’s largest supermarket chain, Metro Markets, and the Kheir Zaman discount chain. The company also has a private investment firm, Man Capital, based in London. The company reported 2016 revenues of $6B US, with 60,000 employees and operations in 120 countries. The company is privately held and managed by the Mansour brothers Mohamed, Youssef and Yasseen, who are board members.

Mansour Group started as a cotton business founded in 1952 by Loutfy Mansour, one of the first Egyptians to graduate from Cambridge. The business was nationalized by Gamel Nasser in the 1970s, forcing Mansour to Sudan and eventually Switzerland, where he continued to work in the cotton business. His sons attended school in the United States while he was working. Eventually, when Egypt returned to a market economy in the early 1970s, Mansour and his sons were able to return.

At that time, General Motors was looking for Egyptian partners to help them expand and were connected with the Mansour family. The family set up a GM dealership and obtained Egyptian sales rights in 1975. The Company was called Al-Mansour Automotive. In 1984, GM opened its first factory in Egypt, and in 1985 the first GM vehicle was produced in the country. AL-Mansour Automotive gained rights to sell GM cars in Africa, and eventually became the largest GM dealership in the world. MAC Ghana is the exclusive distributor of Chevrolet and Isuzu vehicles in Ghana.



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