Elite Minerals Ghana Limited


  • Founded Since 1850

Company Description

Elite Minerals Ghana Limited (EMGL) is a homegrown gold mining and production firm that has established and upholds an integrated mining system with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. As a prominent indigenous mining company in Ghana, its enduring success can be attributed to the utilization of eco-friendly mining technologies, resulting in optimal returns.

EMGL has garnered a sterling reputation among its stakeholders, including governmental regulatory bodies, and particularly the local communities in which it operates. This is pivotal in fostering the harmonious coexistence necessary for the successful execution of its activities within these host communities.

Operating on expansive mining concessions in the Eastern, Ashanti, and Western Regions, EMGL holds the status of a mid-tier gold mining and production company in Ghana. With a strong management team at its helm, the company has thrived for almost two decades, demonstrating resilience and strategic leadership.

Furthermore, the company serves as a provider of mining support services to multinational industry players, offering a diverse array of products and services. Its comprehensive understanding of the industry has propelled the success of its support services division, with a hallmark of delivering quality and expediency.

With its current growth trajectory, the company is poised to emerge as a key player in the Ghanaian mining sector and, more specifically, as a frontrunner in the indigenous mining segment, aligning with its overarching vision


Elite Minerals