• Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Age 43 - 47 Years
  • Salary 1850
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Management

About me

My professional experiences ( About 23 years ) includes a variety of management roles in the production (manufacturing) ,operation, Installation and commissioning spheres of mining  and industrial plants and factories
 I have a demonstrated ability to lead and develop staff members in a collegial manner in order to achieve our collective corporate goals and objectives.
I consider myself to be a social person, a good team player, responsible and hardworking, and a self-motivated, ambitious and goal-driven individual who adapts easily to different working environments and thrives on pressure and tight deadlines
I have an analytical approach to work with an eye for detail, strong communication and interpersonal skills, an ability to negotiate and influence the decision making on behalf of stakeholders, clients, staff and senior management.
At present, I’m looking to gain experience working for an international employer, and, needless to say, to help them to achieve their strategic goals.
 I can mention to some of these skills and abilities:
– As a supportive and dynamic Leader in the Production (manufacturing), Operation, Engineering, Quality control and Assurance, Warehouse…… functions/activities of a wide range of both industrial and mining factories and plants such as:
The Refrigerator production plants, Animal feed processing plants, Sandwich panel producing sites, Food factories, Mining and mineral processing (treatment) plants and areas (Crushing, Coarse and fine Ore handling, Grinding, flotation, Dewatering ( Copper, Moly, Iron,….)
– Directing and dispatching of cross-functional team works and activities (Maintenance, Operation, Production …) adhere to major schedule goals of the company
– Job division and discipline in employees, by strong hierarchy and right administration.
– Focus on Professional organization behavior in line with company’s policy and organizational culture
– Controlling (Decrease and Increase) of Revenue and Expenses, in accordance with making right decision which can be provided by company’s financial statement analysis
I also have theoretical and practical (Hands-on) cooperation with some famous international companies such as: