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A virtual recruiter optimizes recruitment costs and helps you meet your recruitment goals efficiently. Virtual recruiting is getting a lot of preference in many sectors, as job seekers are turning their focus increasingly on virtual assistant recruitment-based hiring avenues.

Businesses all over the world which includes Ghana are considering recruitment of virtual over traditional methods for numerous positions, and especially when considering positions at new geographical locations or when talent pools are not easily found in the cities where the companies are located. To have a successful recruitment process you would need a virtual recruiter whom you can trust.

Jobly Ghana is a job portal plantform and a virtual recruitment consultant and solutions provider with a strong online and social media presence and works for its clients with extreme dedication. Jobly Ghana virtual headhunter teams are highly skilled and expirienced in finding the right candidates through recruitment tools, systems and a larger CV database will ensure that you get to connect with the best candidates fitting all required specifications.

Leading Virtual Recruitment Agency
For global and local businesses, virtual recruiting is the best way to connect with and hire the most skilled candidates from anywhere in the world. But it would involve investing in a lot of tools and systems, and having teams highly competent with the search, screening and various hiring processes. Instead of investing in a lot of tools and systems, and going for frequent upgrades, hiring the services of a virtual recruitment agency can be of enormous help.

Jobly Ghana has teams of virtual recruiters for various sectors. We are a virtual recruitment agency with clients across regions in Ghana. We use innovative techniques and have the latest software to give our clients optimum benefits. From banking to IT, market research to data analytics, from engineering to manufacturing, warehousing to contructions our virtual recruitment services covers all.

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Our Virtual Recruitment Services

Our virtual recruitment services are comprehensive. Our teams have experience in searching candidates from various virtual job fairs and virtual job seeker communicities, job websites or portals with a larger CV database with over 5,00 plus Cv as well as in processing and screening through virtual CVs in the form of audio files, video files and multimedia files. We have also partnered with competent services providers of virtual testing and assessments. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Virtual talent search
  • Virtual assessments
  • Virtual interviews
  • Applications screening
  • Candidate shortlisting


We work as an extended arm of your company, ensuring that each and every recruitment based need is met with successfully. Contact JObly Ghana for getting top quality virtual recruitment services for any position across functions.

Choose JoblyGhana for Virtual Recruitment Consultants
We have been into virtual recruitment consultants services for several years and have acquired the right resources to deliver comprehensive and efficient services. We also have a good track record as virtual recruiters. Whatever be the business segment of your company from design, marketing, engineering, education, market research or IT, skilled and unskilled labourer, you will find JoblyGhana team ready to help you meet your virtual hiring needs.

Our services will help you minimize your HR and administrative costs, and speed up your talent acquisition. You will be able find the right-fit candidates within a minimum time. Connect with us today for efficient hiring!

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