The Savannah Fruits Company


  • Founded Since 1850

Company Description

About The Savannah Fruits Company

The Savannah Fruits Company is Ghana-based and focuses on sustainable production and export of high quality, traditionally handcrafted Shea butter and other African natural products such as Virgin Coconut Oil, Black Soap, Baobab oil etc. We deliver high-quality ingredients to the international edible and cosmetic markets. We work with local cooperatives, empowering Ghanaian women in a sustainable, profitable manner. We offer fully traceable supply chain and logistics from start to finish: the collection of the nuts in the shea parklands in West Africa; the processing in communities; the organic refining in state of the art facilities in Europe; and the transport and delivery to our worldwide clients. Whether crude or refined, it is our priority that only genuine, high-quality shea butter reaches the consumer. The Savannah Fruits Company partners with over 15000 women producing handcrafted, organic and fair trade shea butter from 40 communities. Involvement of development partners like SNV, Technoserve and Root Capital ensure SFC’s business model is performed in a socially responsible, transparent and pre-agreed manner. Resulting in:

● Empowerment of African women.

● Creation and Sharing Sustainable Value.

● Ethical Trade is Social Responsibility with Value Addition at Source.

● Working inside the group’s villages.

● Promote cultural and social integrity (unlike factory-based models).

PROFIT: VALUE AT SOURCE Value addition is maximized at source (directly to women in the local village) by processing in the traditional hand-crafted manner, instead of using mechanical or industrial extraction models. Business is undertaken using 100% short-term pre-financing of local purchase orders, without any speculation on the women’s part, in order to minimize economic risk to producers. Women are empowered to negotiate the price through a jointly agreed memorandum of understanding (MOU), which in turn guarantees that quality @ quantity is always delivered to SFC.