Orca Deco Ghana


  • Founded Since 1850

Company Description


Orca Deco was founded in Dakar, Senegal in 2001 where they began with a small store on a busy street selling only tumbler glasses and a limited range of textiles.

Orca’s legacy in Ghana began on Graphic Road in 2003, where they first specialised as a one stop shop for all household goods. In 2006, Orca began operating in the Ashanti region where they opened and later expanded their showroom in Kumasi. Orca responded to the needs of their customers by opening their flagship showroom on Spintex Road in 2012, which was then considered to be one of the best retail stores in the country.

Driven by diversity, quality and passion, Orca seeks to make every customer feel at home and inspire them in their purchasing decision. This, motivated by the support of their customers, led Orca to expand their operations in Accra in 2021 to better serve the needs of their customers on Spintex Road, making it their biggest investment to date.

Orca Deco on Spintex has grown from a 6 000m2 showroom to an impressive 25 000m2 superstore that not only stocks an impressive variety of world class furniture and décor but also promises to deliver a lifestyle shopping experience totally unique to Ghana. Ghanaians no longer need to travel abroad to source their quality household goods. Orca holds the world of home and décor under one roof, on your doorstep.

The new Orca superstore concept is leading by example in other African regions, with countries such as Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Ivory Coast and Senegal following suit.

Orca’s footprint stretches into 18 African countries that boasts over 30 state of the art showrooms. With over 50 000 product references, this makes Orca the leading one-stop-shop in Africa for all your household needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade your living space, equip your kitchen or find that perfect gift, Orca is your home away from home.

Orca Deco